3. sydsilv said: Feel like such a lame askin but I fucked too heavy with your work not to. What camera do you use and do you always shoot film. I haven't found a favorite b/w film to shoot with but color I try to go Portra 400. Appreciate it man

    I shoot with a mamiya 6 and yashica t5. Ilford is my go to for b&w


  4. madburyclub:

    Incinerator: A resurgence and reincarnation of Madbury Music. Or is it…

    LATL, NJ 2014

    Photography by Darryl Richardson 





  8. Anonymous said: What is the largest sized print I could order? And roughly how much would it cost (for the largest size)?

    There’s no limit on size. Email me so we can go over everything, info@darryl-richardson.com


  9. ellington // beacon, ny 030314